Time to Go

Did you ever wonder if wasted time can be made up? I find it facinating that so many people believe loss is in every second squandered. How important those lost seconds are… What if I told you, time is not the issue. That in some perverse way, time is just our way of constraining loss and gain. Have you ever heard the phrase -time is money- or -time to go- or if I generally understand time, it is a stimulant for activity. What if we looked at the glass the other way around. What if we looked at activity as the cheif motivator for everything we do.

Start simply by turning off the clock, start simply… What I mean is that when we prioritize taskes, we forget we live under the constructs of time. If you are like me, the endless goal is self improvement, to be the person I want to be, not the person I am. This congenial task consumes me, inevitably to a state of abstract. I have learned in these recent months that even the most basic of tasks, brushing my teeth, writing a blog or even and most importantly talking to people I love, is a purpose built life.

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  1. Russ Bailey says:

    All depends on what one wants to do with their life. Older generations believed in working to gain security snd comfort. Today it seems many prefer to just depend on others.

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    1. 1foot2foot says:

      It’s frustrating and true but, I’m talking more in the scope of proactively grooming oneself in the arbitrary landscape of little tasks and the potential reward they have on our lives. Setting aside the moxie of my elders


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