Roads “reflections”

How to walk on a road. Therein lies the danger, for the fear of not knowing is the truth in me not going. The problem with roads is everywhere they lead, those places have already been discovered.”But not by you” the Devil states and so I go anyway, knowing that God will provide. As I came upon a wood Therein was the Devil again “if you keep going your achievements will be celebrated by the people you left behind; is that the goal of your journey?” said the sly. “I’m not sure Lucifer. But you most of all, must understand beauty, are these places not beautiful? Than how can you mistake my intention so fully?” Then the devil joined me on my journey. As an uninvited guest he brought earthly wisdom and with beautiful description told me about the road ahead. How it was filled with roaring danger and blocked with his own hunters. Upon reaching a waterfall I baptized myself hoping the water would wash off the impression of my company. Again and again I bathed, but the water would not cleanse me because water only washes the surface of the skin and not the heart within. So the devil and I continued, with his earthly wisdom he showed me how to start a fire for warmth. His hunters showed me how to hunt for a meal, he showed me how to take care of myself in the wild. Then again I prayed for the lord to change me, for I had become quite fond of my company. I heard no reply. So I continued on. Through a lifetime of walking I discovered that the world is a beautiful and broken place. Finally at the end, I heard a celebration was prepared for me. I saw the Lord and asked him why he did not provide for me, with a devilish grin he said “I provided the devil to take care of you on your journey”

I feel like many of us feel this way about our roads and the way we have to walk them… I would love to hear any opinions…! All of them

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  1. Liz says:

    I believe God is our constant companion . On the occasions Satan tricks us into believing the lie it is him, we have the authority as children of the King to send him away. And the sooner we cast him away the sooner we can get back on the path God has for us, the less dispondant we will be, and the easier it is to rid ourselves of the creep’s influence .

    By the shed blood of Jesus we are given the right, the authority, to command Satan to leave us alone!

    God longs to be the ruler and constant companion of our lives, but He wants to be invited, He’s not pushy.

    He has a grand plan and purpose for each of our lives. One that includes adventure, meaning and fun. Praying daily we all find our path and road and walk it with Him at the helm.

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