Uncertainty, the clear path to Adverure

Tucked low and away from a through travelers path lies the geologic masterpiece of Moab Utah. I would highly recommend challenging yourself with a backpacking scenario of the Utah desert, more acuratly the canyons and arches that hold this Jurassic lost world in its place. However, Canyonlands and Arches is not what is on my mind, the cause of adventure is.

Like most people who call our western society home, I  search for the guaranteed path to the life I have always dreamed of… A career that is my source of pride, an extravagant collection of successes and failures that lead me on my way and most importantly novelty derived from associating myself with what I want to do. What is that exactly? I sure as hell don’t know and am not going to delve to deep into the existential sides.

I began by planning a backpacking trip through the Lost Coast in California (25 miles) I also expected the trip for one. All said and done, 5 of my immediate family went. Fully intending to go to California to hike the redwoods (not the Lost Coast) coupled with indecision and exhaustion we ended up in Moab a mere six hours into our 22 hour journey. All of us tired and spent, having pulled an all nighter previously preparing for the trip. And there it is, adventure at its finest.

The cause of adventure is the unknown, an unexpected anything is a lesson in letting go by being absorbed into the situation both internally and externally. What a rare gift some people have in their detachment from the outside noise. Don’t make the easy decisions hard by making the hard decisions easy, take life as God gives you, in the present moment. Nothing more. Plan, Decide to make decisions and if all falls apart, still be optimistic. How easy is this ignorance?

Surprisingly hard to forget the idea of control, controls its thinker. Find joy in the small things by acting upon them, a painting is not one brush stroke, it’s the picture formed by all the brush strokes in this “happy accident” (Bob Ross) we call our life.

(Photo Cred. Martin Furman).

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