2016 The Worst Year Ever…?

Every day people instruct me to believe that 2016 was One of the worst years of their lives, but why?  If every consecutive year is supposed to be better than the last, how did twenty-sixteen escape our grasp and why is appetite to blame?

In order to digest 2016, first understand, there are two categories, all the problems of the year can be surmised into personal and social categories, and that yours, mine and our problems aren’t as antithetical as two strangers would believe. Pretty soon, our annual recap will be fed to us through Facebook or the media outlets, it will probably contain the losses and gains, disasters and endurers, inventors and destroyers… All the novel little things that made 2016 such a crazy year to live on earth. Never more crazy than after the presidential election, somehow the Donald was the crown jewel of disaster and he was appointed there by the ignorant and hateful and…. Stop. Have you ever heard the term you are what you eat? It has become so easy to consume information through our feeds that we don’t actually look at our diet.

“I think little of a man who does not better himself today moreso than he did yesterday” ~Abraham Lincoln.

I am at a loss when I confess that I have spent countless hours stuffing my fat face with information and not knowledge. Not many people would follow a blind man into battle, but that’s exactly where the media has led every American in 2016 (observe the election riots). I don’t want to be one for labels but, it is quite clear that news (even Facebook) has agendas. Btw did you know that a Facebook user is the product of Facebook, and that billions $ have been made feeding the people what they want to eat through target marketing. To come back from my tangent, what I’m saying is that it has been a bad year according to the social structure we live in. Damn you Prince for being the push our country deserved, you sent us reeling over the edge of chaos, then there was David Bowie, the night club shooting, the refugee crisis, Brexit… The election, I could go on for a whole year. The only question left to ask after all the bad (even a little good news) throughout the year is, how much of the news affects our lives?

So to get down on all the people who tell me 2016 sucks. If the news affects you negatively, than choose your diet more carefully. Which leads me to the second, If 2016 is not your year, it’s because you made it that way. I just returned from a 2300+ mile kayak expedition down the Mississippi, I came back with new insight into social structure. It appears everyone is waiting for great moments to fall on top of them. Not many people are personally willing to take responsibility for their course of action and therefor the resolution of the majority is stasis. Yo ho haha, the time has come for Most people to talk of food and things (Alice in Wonderland) but how many will eat?, I’ll be the first to say, 2016 was the most challenging year of my life. I lost loved ones, had some very near death experiences because I decided to take action and consume as much life as humanly possible in a year… It was the best year of my life. Then I realized I only scratched the surface. My call to the reader is, if 2016 was poor to you, next year 2017, make yourself rich, with adventure, creation, innovation just don’t be left standing in the rain hungry for what could be.

P.S. That me in a kayak on the moonlight, I had just made it to the Gulf of Mexico

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  1. Sandy says:

    very well said…..

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  2. endlessjoy says:

    “2016 The Worst Year Ever…?” I must be way out of the loop… I mean it’s kind of easy to be when one doesn’t have Facebook nor watch the news very often. For me, 2016 was a wonderful year. Of course there were challenges, frustrations, hard realities, but that’s life. No one ever promised it would be easy. For me, it’s all about perspective and what we allow to take charge in our hearts. I think a lot of times we can get stuck in the past and we forget to move forward, to engage in the present, to ask what can I learn and grow instead the big “why” question. It took going through some hard situations to learn how to have a better perspective on life… to learn to live through the lens of God’s promises. Always looking to the negative seems to be the norm, but why? Maybe we forget the main reason we are even on this earth… for me it’s to bring glory to God. I believe if we get stuck in the negative and all the horrible things that are happening all around us, we forget our purpose and we forget that we weren’t promised a life full of roses. For me, I try and see the unfortunate happenings as a way God can be glorified, definitely a hard concept to grasp with the human mind for sure. Anyways, those are just my thoughts… thanks for sharing friend.
    P.S. That picture is amazing! Props to the talented photographer 
    P.S.S. Here’s to saying farewell to a wonderful year and welcoming an even more amazing year to come! #positivevibes


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