Global Dogma

Before I begin I want to expound on the term isolationism and its context to American life. How, isolationism is beyond the military economic and political efforts of the government. It is not just a laissez faire doctrine one might follow politically, American isolationism is a way of life. Bringing up contextual examples that Americans have not been living in an isolationist world since before Rosevelt’s Pearl Harbor as well as adding the key ingredient of technology the nation has become a global advocate for democracy and individual liberty. Politically, isolationism did not survive for longer than a few decades. Why then are Americans pacifists in their approach to lifestyle? I am talking about “geoequality”. Ask this question, does the United States group the rest of the world into one category? If so what is that category? I would call it the what we know or for paradoxical sake “the unknown”. A systemic lack of understanding of how the rest of the world operates has led to a term used many times about Mrs. Liberties children, ignorant Americans. Do not misunderstand me, this is not a redundant challenge to the ethos of the U.S.A. The goal is to find media examples and then use them to prove that we are only as ignorant as our education system, The Media. (example Vietnam photo) proponent for opinion.

Look into this photo!!!


Separation from our opinions of the rest of the world and our conduct abroad and at home has led us to self isolation. The whole world lives under the umbrella of their own dogmas. That is the norm, only with deviant cultures and subcultures is acceptance globally found. 1+1 equals 2 is the dogma to not giving one a true value, 1 what? 1 is the representation of every persons warrants while the operation of grouping a persons actions equals the outcome of the contemporary belief that we are all equal. This is not the case. Everyone is different. I am not advocating anything that has not been said or thought already however, understanding a new structure to thought on the world is essential to pursuing understanding in the global community. To eliminate any misunderstanding, an apple and a banana have only the broad title of fruit in common, when they are combined they still have no value to each other, in other words, if a goal is to achieve all the benefits of the equation than a third element or the rational needs to come into view. Reason is essential to a symbiotic relationship between people. Reason is essential to loving thy neighbor. With this in mind I hope the most rational nations stay or become global leaders.

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  1. endlessjoy says:

    A thorough comment for this post calls for a face to face discussion, but I have to say your writing has come a long way. You always were a great writer, but now, watch out world. Proud of you friend!


  2. 1foot2foot says:

    Complex ideas are hardest to understand in a few words… your on!


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