How You Talk

Life is more fun on the funny farm. But why? I have come to appreciate the wayward dialogue and indiums from passing strangers; and how, in even the most brief encounters, the anonymous man feels obligated to greet me with their philosophical views of life. “How are you”? response, “living the dream…, someone else’s dream maybe”. The next few words I strive to propagate the difference between dissatisfaction of the individual and the impish contentness of society in general, furthermore, I want to prove that the individual cannot dictate society; he merely observes societies philosophies as his own while maintaining his iconoclastic individuality.

If the reader is unaware, this is madness! And madness as we know it is linier to creativity (observe the dictatorial rule of artistic culture) thus making each person who is a part of society unique and holding true to the tradition that most Americans are as unique as sheep. The best thing anyone can do is walk away from tradition… unfortunately it must be observed that the individual will in hand, be walking away from his own society into the unknown. The fear of exile is the control our society has over the individual. At first, community seems like a gift but, the most successful are the people who operate in society while maintaining their individuality. So what is identity? How can it be used? Why is the individual always dissatisfied but society agreeable? I don’t know or care 😉  the end.

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