The Dead Marshes

I began this adventure three days ago; I haven’t had human contact or cell service for three days. The company hasn’t been bad though, I made friends with a water otter, some bald eagles and blue herons as well I’ve been kept up at night by the neighborhood dogs!! The reason this is called the dead marshes, apart from looking exactly like them, is because floating through them one can get lost very quickly. Experience verified. The weird thing is you can’t see the bottom of the water but every now and then a dead fish or something would float up, not the place to get in. I kept wondering if someone may have dumped a gator in there, no signs just a creepy feeling. The coolest part about the water is not the water itself, the whole grass that can’t be seen over or seen through is floating. The roots holf the dirt and thus making it one big, almost impassable floating island. Glad I left when I did or I might be trapped in there still with lower water levels. “Hint dad”. Thanks for keeping tabs everybody. 80 miles down 2240 more to go!!!

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